17/08/2017 / PTG

Africa & Middle East

Take Africa's powerful natural world and the cultural contrasts of the Middle East, and you've got two regions like nowhere else on earth.

Australia & South Pacific

Connected by the Tasman Sea, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Australia and New Zealand are two sides of the same coin – but the differences are endless.

North & Central America

From the limitless energy of New York City to the tropical forests of Costa Rica, North and Central America is a magnetic continent which no traveler could visit without awe.



The mysteries and myths of Asia have fascinated Europeans for centuries. The spiritual continent is full of ancient wonders, such as the enormous Buddhas of Thailand and the Forbidden City in Beijing.


Europe & Britain

From Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress in London to the ancient city of Pompeii, Europe Tours represents a journey through two thousand years of history, culture and heritage.

South America

Home to the world’s biggest rainforest, largest river and tallest waterfall, South America is a continent of dizzying natural splendor..